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Somebody explain why #BlackGirlsRock is trending.

T. Roberts @JustKickinittt
How the fuck is there a #BlackGirlsRock show? If there was a #WhiteGirlsRock, black people would fucking riot.

★Call me Andy ★ @Mynameis_mac
Why is #Blackgirlsrock trending on twitter ??

Change that to #Whitegirlsrock

Georgia ☯ @lovelaithx
-_- someone get #WhiteGirlsRock trending too okay?x

Dale Nixon Jr @dalenixonjr
No they don’t #BlackGirlsRock

Kev B @_KevB
I will not participate in the perpetuation of lies. Black Girls Rock? Ha!

Dick Chappy ttm @Stay_GolfWang
"@666grandfather: "@Stay_GolfWang: #BlackGirlsRock lol" #liestoldontwitter" PREACH IT

betherss♡ @lovee_bethers

VNN Forum @VNNForum
#blackgirlsrock at spreading diseases and producing future grown rapin’ apes

Marcus Messina @marcusmessina
Why is #BlackGirlsRock trending?]



Just a couple of tweets about the uplifting, empowering, and inspirational annual award show /movement #blackgirlsrock. They’re right though.. Celebrating our accomplishments, heritage, and culture ONCE A YEAR is way too much. AND GOD FORBID it become the #1 trending topic on twitter! It’s just not fair. Black girls don’t deserve to celebrate each other. It’s totally RACIST. White girls need their own award show too right?! We don’t see enough of them portrayed in the media. Why don’t they have their own show?….


This is the shit that we have to deal with smfh 2013 look at the year. The time means so little when the actions represent everything.

"Black people would fucking riot". But they aren’t racist, though!

- Mod D.

You see… yup.

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i think honestly what amazes me most about all the thin women whining about nicki minaj is that she didn’t even really insult you????? she didn’t call you unattractive or unworthy or ugly she just said “fuck you, i want some fat women out here”

like how whiny and self obsessed are u

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"Some people are so broken,
They get mad at you for being whole."

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Walking into class the first day





this is the sexiest thing i have ever seen

this is still hot

What? What movie is this?!

Fuck, Kevin Spacey is sexy.

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omfg so today I saw a man and a woman holding hands in public, i mean i don’t have anything against heterosexuality but don’t flaunt it in front of me, think of the kids omfg

I don’t have anything against it either. I really don’t. My best friend is straight, but like, keep it in the bedroom you know?

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Straight guys be like …

lmfao wtf

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